Coaching Programmes

Structured programmes guaranteeing results

There are many benefits of starting the game at your local TennGolf® Academy, specialised structured coaching programmes is right at the top of the list. With TennGolf® you can get the best start possible, first class coaching and a set of programmes designed to give you a full golfing education in subjects such as etiquette, rules and golf knowledge.

Learning the game in a group environment adds greatly to the fun, you can laugh and learn with others of an equal standard, fellow players who are experiencing similar trials and challenges.

TennGolf® for Kids

Starting with SNAG equipment, young golfers will learn the technical aspects of the golf swing in simple, fun activity based drills and exercises. The TennGolf® kids programmes incorporate games, challenges and fun activities delivered coaching of the highest quality by specially trained instructors. This is all backed up with course materials and a dedicated web site which enhances the learning experience and increases the amount of golfing knowledge acquired.

Various topics within the TennGolf® Kids programme will tie in with levels of the national curriculum appropriate to their specific age and year group. This offers a wonderful opportunity for kids to learn whilst having fun, which is a powerful combination.

TennGolf® for Teens

A great age to start golf, the early teens is a key area where sport and education can be combined and new skills rapidly learned. The TennGolf® Teen programme consists of a structured golf learning system with added benefits of course materials and a dedicated web area.

TennGolf® for Teens also opens opportunities within the Youth Leaders Awards scheme for keen young golfers to become assistant coaches and to earn valuable marks towards their grades.

TennGolf® for Ladies

Special ladies classes and programmes mean that lady golfers can get together and laugh and learn as they improve their golf games. These classes will focus on fitness, fun and friendship as pupils acquire golf swing skills and all the golfing knowledge they’ll need to be confident enough to venture to their local golf courses.

TennGolf® for Beginners

Group tuition for all new golfers where couples can learn the game together. The game of golf is ideal for all members of the family and with its highly popular mixed foursomes circuits, it’s a great way to spend relaxing recreation time together.