TennGolf® Academies and the benefits to local communities

With such fantastic role models and the highest standards of sportsmanship, honesty and integrity, it’s no wonder that the game of golf has its reputation as being one of the leading lights in all of sport.

The all inclusive nature of Golf also makes it one of the most popular and widely participated of sports, it is one of those rare activities where family members can enjoy’ quality’ time together, where grandparents can play and compete against grandchildren and husband, wives and partners can spend time becoming fitter and healthier in both body and mind.

For local authorities who invest in developing TennGolf® Academies and the programme structures, the benefits are numerous. The communities will have local access to a golf learning facility which will offer them a first class introduction to how to play the game as well as some of the basic rules and the standards of etiquette that make golf the envy of many other sports.

Each TennGolf® Academy will be a stepping stone into the local golf clubs, the ‘invisible boundaries’ that often prevent people from starting the game will be dispelled. The knowledge and confidence gained from the coaching sessions will mean that many more players will be converted into valuable club members.

Specially trained coaches will ensure that the TennGolf® Academy will be marketed, promoted and run efficiently, this is turn will ensure a positive return on investment and a most popular amenity.