TennGolf® Academies at hotels

A TennGolf® Academy at your hotel makes great sense both commercially and as an extra facility for your guests to enjoy.

For the business traveller, the opportunity to work on your golf game before dinner, or to have a golf lesson from a PGA Professional and improve your swing technique, has massive appeal. It is accepted that potential guests study the services offered by hotels and having your very own TennGolf® Academy puts you ahead of the competition.

You can now offer special golfing breaks where you have teaching and practice linked in with games at courses local to you. These facilities will ensure that your hotel will be favoured by the millions of keen golfers who are passionate about the game and will enjoy their stay and play breaks.

Golf means so much to so many and it is one of the best family sports there is, this means that the TennGolf® Academy Hotel will appeal to all members of the family, with special group sessions for the kids, your guests are guaranteed to have a pleasurable and relaxing time.

Your guests will be able to enjoy themselves practicing their games or improving their play, just contact the TennGolf® team for more details on how your facility can enhance its golf offering.