How Does It Work?

Unique product offering golf for all

TennGolf® Academies are designed to offer players the opportunity to practice and improve all aspects of their games, from driving through to holing out. Each academy has areas dedicated to the various components that go to make up the game of golf.

1. The Chipping Green

A superb, gently undulating area consisting of several golf holes, which offers the player plenty of variety when it comes to perfecting their shot-making skills. By varying which teeing area is played from and by selecting different targets on the green, the player can work on finesse and spin and roll control.

The green itself is expertly installed so it replicates some of the finest putting surfaces that can be found on any professional golf tour. All of the synthetic turf materials we use are tested to ensure they are friendly to our environment and do not have any lead content in them. Both the Fringe Grass and Putting Green materials are a UV Protected Nylon sprung set fibre, meaning that even with high usage the fibres will retain memory and spring back into shape.

2. Chipping Mats

Made to the highest technical specifications, the mats are perfect for developing the short game. The depth of pile enables the club-head to drop under the ball with ease, which means that players can develop feel, touch and control.

3. Putting Green

This most important area of the game of golf is taken care of by the superb putting surface that’s achieved by using the highest quality synthetic surfaces installed by expert fitters. All aspects of putting can be learned and practiced as there are a selection of holes and a gently undulating surface, this adds to the interest and complexity of the green.

4. Driving Range

This is where the shots with the woods and irons can be practiced, under the watchful eye of the TennGolf® coach. The netted area is longer than normal to enable the player to get a better idea of direction and ball flight.

5. Latest Technology

TennGolf® Academies use the latest and best in golf training aids and equipment. The European Golf Ltd team are proud to be the European distributors for SNAG (Start New At Golf) the best developmentally appropriate golf learning equipment on the market. This is just one example of what can be found at a TennGolf® Academy with the team on the lookout all the time for products that make learning and improving easy and fun.

6. Coaching Programmes

TennGolf® offers a complete range of coaching programmes designed to put structure into the learning experience. There are various levels to suit all players of all abilities and they not only include technical swing subjects but other equally important topics such as rules, etiquette and general golfing knowledge. All of this combines to make a total golf learning experience that instils confidence in the new players so they can venture forth into the world of golf.