Leisure Facilities

TennGolf® Academies and leisure

What an opportunity for your Leisure facility to be able to offer a cost effective method of delivering a first class golfing experience. A TennGolf® Academy makes it possible to include golf instruction and practice facilities as part of your programming, therefore increasing your product offering.

Golf is an enormously popular sporting activity and its now possible to create learning centres almost anywhere. Centres where the whole family can have fun developing their golfing skills and learning the rules and the etiquette of the game.

The quality of the TennGolf® Academy layout means that it will enhance any facility and will ensure plenty of repeat business from beginners and expert players alike. A full schedule of group coaching, pay and play practice sessions and specialised tuition offerings mean that your TennGolf® Academy offers profitable utilisation of a relatively small space.

The TennGolf® Academy comes with all the equipment and training aids you will need to operate and run any sessions that you want. Specialised softer golf balls and plastic clubs mean that your coaches will be able to teach even the youngest of pupils in complete safety.

Full training can be given to any members of staff or links with local PGA Professionals can be arranged. These coaches can then offer TennGolf® structured programmes which add a new dimension to the experience.