Enhance your facilities and prospectus with a TennGolf® Academy

That’s right, any educational facility can have its own TennGolf® Academy for the benefit of all its pupils and the local community.

Golf is such a great activity to get into and it’s also one of the ‘coolest’ sports there is at this moment in time. The benefits of introducing youngsters to the game are many fold…

Health, fitness, friendship, citizenship, personal development, responsibility, honesty, integrity, self-discipline, self-governance, numeracy, sportsmanship, personal responsibility plus much more besides.

Educational establishments now have the golden opportunity of having their own golfing academy and specially trained staff capable of delivering unique programmes. Everything is designed to maximise usage of the TennGolf® Academy ensuring that the pupils and the local community get the best possible start in golf.

TennGolf® Academies provide the essential link between starting golf, acquiring basic skills and knowledge and venturing to your local golf course or driving range. Each TennGolf® Academy will be overseen by a qualified TennGolf® Coach who will generally be a member of the Professional Golfers Association from a local golf club.

A TennGolf® Academy comes with everything you will need to run successful golf coaching at your facility, you will have the best in synthetic surfaces which enables all facets of the game to be taught. Each Academy will have some of the very best and latest in teaching aids and a full programme of coaching will be given to those who would like to become qualified at TennGolf® accredited coaches.